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Specialized internet advertising.

Logo Google Adwords configuração e monitoramento.

Google AdWords

Set up your ad account correctly so you pay less and appear more and more on the first page of Google search results.

Websites e sistemas online.

Websites / Web Devellopment

Creation and development of websites, online catalogs, e-commerces, portfolios, resumes, among many other types of websites.

Gerenciamento das mídias sociais.

Social Media

Advertising on social networks with results monitoring, analysis of metrics and suitability according to public engagement.

Graphic Desing

Logos, graphic / editorials and graphic prints.

A small example that briefly illustrates my 20 years of experience in advertising and design in the most diverse media such as graphics, gifts, magazines, newspapers and external media.


Some clients attended when I was in Brazil.

Logotipo Zermatt Pizzaria designer Florida.

Zermatt Pizzaria

The new website with online ordering, advertising on AdWords and social media has earned the customer a 40% increase in sales in 4 months. With less than 1 year in the air, the customer has already sold almost R$200,000.00 only on the internet.

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Logotipo Anadir designer Florida.

Psychologist Anadir Bortoli

Psychologist Anadir has increased the number of patients seen after developing the website and the blog with videos and behavioral tips. In less than a year she left the agreements and dedicated herself to private care.

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Logo Work Express designer Florida.

Work Express

The company saw a 55% growth in its service delivery after we put the new site on the air, with real-time chat, AdWords advertising and social networking. It increased the fleet and acquired new vehicles.

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Logotipo Di Roma designer Florida.

Di Roma Pizza

With less than 2 years of internet sales, with the help of ads created and configured for AdWords and social media, the customer increased more than 100% sales and opened a subsidiary of his pizzeria in the nearby city.

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Social Media

A small sample of my work with social media.


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